NC Strong spotlights Disloyal Democrats with new website 

Despite their party affiliation, these Disloyal Democrats refuse to stand strong with Governor Cooper

RALEIGH— This week Democrat Don Davis broke ranks with his party and showed disloyalty to the Governor by voting to override his veto. He’s just one of the Disloyal Democrats revealed in NC Strong’s new website and digital campaign.

Unfaithful Democrats like Davis undermine the work voters put in to break a Republican supermajority and ensure checks and balances in a state run roughshod by an extremist right-wing legislature. The power of Governor Cooper's veto pen is one of the only things keeping the conservatives in power from dismantling North Carolina’s political system. Davis and his disloyal cronies in Raleigh are betraying their voters by not supporting the Governor.

“After the extreme right-wing supermajorities of both chambers were broken last fall, progressives expect Democrats to realize that voters need them to stand up for North Carolina values and support Governor Cooper,” said Daniel Gilligan, Executive Director of NC Strong. “Instead, these Disloyal Democrats are using the new balance of power to work with Republicans for their own personal gain.”

Visit to see the rollout of an ongoing campaign, including digital ads, to ensure accountability for Democrats who fail to stand strong with Governor Cooper and their party.

“Every voter in NC deserves to have lawmakers who represent their constituents’ values, not just their own self interest,” Gilligan said. “This website and campaign will take these disloyal actions out of the shadows and shine a light on the egregious behavior of those who subvert Cooper’s leadership.”

NC Strong is an NC-based 501(c)(4) non-profit founded in 2017 that seeks to ensure that the weak grow strong and the strong grow great in our home state.